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6-8 Computer Class / Keyboarding
Computer Class -  Students will be directied to do projects in class. They will be expected to finish the project in class. It will be unusual to assign a project to be compled or done outside of class. Projects will include instruction in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Gimp (like PhotoShop), InfanView (Photo Viewer), Corel VideoStudio (video editor), and Explorer (Windows file structure).

Keyboarding -  Keyboarding instruction will use Google's "Typing Club" program. Each student has their on log-in and password.  The program keeps track of their progress.  Students are encouraged to practice at home or at anytime they have access to a regular keyboard.

Coding -  Coding instruction is given using code.org.  Each student has their own log-in and password.  Students may work on coding at home or anytime they have access to a computer, tablet, or phone at coding.com.  Lessons are much easier on a desktop computer.  Instruction is given using "Block" programing to teach the logic and process of writing code.  Advanced students will be given instruction in basic Javascript, html, and CSS.